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Gourmet Living

A gourmet is a person who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink.

Aching Body Liniment

Aching Legs Or Shoulders Rub

Aching Muscle Rub

Acid Indigestion / Heartburn / Sour Stomach Remedy

All-Purpose Anti-Itch Agent

All-Purpose Liniment

Amish Sore Throat Remedy

Anti-Dandruff Lotion


Aromatherapy Salve

Arthritis / Gout Oil

Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis Rub

Ascorbic Acid Ice Milk

Athlete's Foot Remedy

Athlete's Foot Treatment

Baby Powder

Back Rub

Baked-in-a-Can Health Bread

Basil Acne Remedy

Bath Oils

Bewitching Brew

Blackhead Wash

Blemish Remedy

Breakfast In A Glass

Burnt Toast Tea

Cajun Rosemary Digestif

Calming Oriental Soak

Cautionary Statement

Cautionary Statement And Disclaimer

Chamomile Sleep Tea

Chapped Face Lotion

Chapped Lip Balm

Chapped Lip Salve

Citrus Deodorant

Cold Soak

Cold Weather Cayenne Drink

Colic Formula

Constipation Drink

Constipation Tea

Cough Syrup

Cut Soother

Dandruff Preventative

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Decongestant Inhalant

Decongestant Tea

Deluxe Tooth Powder

Dental Remedy



Deodorant Powder

Diaper Rash Remedy

Diarrhea Remedy

Diuretic Tea

Effervescent Soak


Energy Packets



Eyelid Relief


Favorite Liniment

Fever Reducer

Flatulence Remedy

Flax Seed Tea

Foot Fantasy

Foot Rub

Foot Smoother

Foot Soother

Foot Stimulator

Friction Rubbing Oil

Fruit And Bran Balls

Gallstone Eliminator

Gel Pack

Gentle Eyewash

Ginger Jellies

Ginseng Energy Tea

Gomasio (Salt Substitute)

Hayfever Relief

Healing Dusting Powder

Healing Hand Lotion

Health Cereal

Healthy Shake

Heart-Healthy Garlic Soup

Hemorrhoid Wipe

Herbal Mouth Freshener

Herbal Tea For Coughs

Herbal Teas For Asthma/Bronchitis

Herbal Teas For Colds And Flu

Herbal Teas For Fatigue

Herbal Teas For Fever

High Energy Banana Shake

High Energy Papaya Drink

High Energy Vanilla Shake

Hives Remedy

Horehound Cough Drops

Hot Soak

Hydrating Body Recipes

Hydrating Facial Recipe

Indigestion Dessert

Infection Decoction

Infection Remedy

Inhalation Therapy

Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent Sachet

Iodine Antiseptic Wash

Irritated Skin Healant

Jet Lag Remedy

Lemon Honey Cough Syrup


Lip Gloss Salve

Low-Cal Energy Brew

Marshmallow Cough Syrup

Massage Oils

Menopause Symptom Relief

Menstrual Cramp Relief

Menstrual Difficulties

Milk And Honey Sleep Remedy

Milk And Onion Soup

Mucus Loosener

Multi-Purpose Licorice Tea

Mustard Plaster

Natural Common Wart Removers

Nature's Penicillin

Nighttime Cold Remedy

Oatmeal Soak


Pineapple-Cinnamon-Mint Foot Rub

PMS Relief

Poison Ivy Treatment


Powerful External Liniment

Puffy Eyelid Treatment

Purifier For Colds And Infections

Rash Powder

Razor Burn Mask

Red Clover Sleep Tea

Refreshing Leg / Foot Gel


Relaxation Tea

Rheumatism Drink

Rosemary Massage Oil


Sinus Headache Pillow

Skin Irritation Soother

Soothing Lemon Gel

Sore Muscle Liniment

Sore Muscle Liniment Wrap

Sore Muscle Rubdown

Sore Throat Gargle

Sore Throat Gargle

Sprain / Strain / Bruise Tincture

Stomach Ache Remedy

Strawberry Toothpaste

Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Stuffy Nose Or Tight Chest Reliever

Sunburn Soother

Sunflower Cough Syrup

Super-C Soup

Sweet Cough Syrup

Thyme Dandruff Rinse

Tonic Tincture

Tooth Powder

Toothache Soother

Upset Stomach Remedy

Upset Stomach Remedy

Urinary Tract Infection

Valerian Sleep Tea

Vapor Rub

Varicose Veins

Vegetable Juice Laxative

Vomiting Remedy

Warming Soup

Wild Cherry Cough Syrup

Wild Cherry Cough Syrup And Decongestant

Wrinkle Remover / Skin Toner


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