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Gourmet Living

A gourmet is a person who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink.

Avocado Wedges

Award Winning Guacamole

Baked Black Bean Dip

Baked Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

Balls Of Fire

Beans From The Pot

Ceviche Santa Cruz

Cheesy Chiles

Cheesy Nacho Dip

Chile Con Queso

Chunky Tuna Salsa

Corn And Walnut Dip

Corn Tortilla Chips

Crab Nachos

Cream Cheese And Green Chile Dip

Fajita Nachos

Fiesta Hot Bean Dip

French Fry Nachos

Garlic Olives

Goat Cheese Nachos

Green Chile Cheese Crisp

Green Chile Won Tons


Guacamole With Green Chile Peppers

Holy Guacamole

Hot Artichoke Dip

Hot As Hades Chicken Bits

Hot Peanuts (cacahuates Con Chile)

Huevos Endiablados (deviled Eggs)

Jalapeno Cheese Loaf

Jalapeno Cheese Squares

Jicama Chili Dust

Linda's Special Guacamole Dip

Mexican Artichoke Dip

Mexican Style Chicken Wings


Oaxacan Guacamole

Orange Blossom Dip

Prairie Fire

Pueblo Chile Balls

Pueblo Pinon Cakes

Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco Dip

Salsa Wheel

Salt River Nachos

Scallops Ceviche

Seviche Santa Cruz

Shredded Pork Taquitos

Shrimp And Pepper Rajas

Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp Fritters

Silver City Mushrooms

Southwestern Chicken Spread

Southwestern Dip

Southwestern Salsa Meatballs

Southwestern Skewers

Stinging Scorpion Guacamole

Tex-mex Dip

Three Rivers Nacho Dip

Toasted Almonds (almendras Tostadas)

Tortilla Flats

Tortilla Shrimp With Mexican Cocktail Sauce

Traditional Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Tri-color Rajas

Wagon Wheels

Wild West Corn Chips


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