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A gourmet is a person who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink.

Grinding Mill

Mill for grinding spices.

WMF Trend Ceramill Empty Grinding Mill

This ergonomically-shaped hand mill grinds pepper, salt, spices, and dried herbs with ease. The Ceramill grinding mechanism, made of ceramic, is so durable it’s covered by WMF under a ten-year warranty. Hourglass-shaped and measuring only 5-1/4 inches in height and 2-1/2 inches across the base, the mill is comfortable to grasp and fits neatly into many spice racks.

To use the mill, the glass jar is unscrewed from the plastic top half, filled with whatever needs grinding (not included), and screwed back on. The press-fit lid that seals in freshness and aroma is removed, and a knob can be adjusted that offers a range from coarse to fine grind. While one hand holds the flared top, the other hand turns the glass jar back and forth and out sprinkles the freshly ground seasonings. Self-adhesive labels are included for applying to the front of the glass jar, though all are in German except for three blank ones. The mill can be popped into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. --Ann Bieri

Norpro Stainless Steel Deluxe Food Mill

Purées and fine sauces often complete an otherwise ordinary dish. Fortunately, food mills make quick work of what used to be a painstaking process. Considering its size, this model is sure to be on the wish list of any avid purée-er. Unlike smaller models, it can create raspberry purée for five Chocolate Decadence cakes--rather than one. And its two discs allow you to choose how fine your output will be. This item would also be perfect for new moms who wish to prepare, cook, and store their own baby food. --Sally Bergesen

Chef'n Salt Grinding Ball, Clear

Handy and cute as a bunny (it even has eyes), this Salt Ball grinder is one kitchen gadget that will always stay within reach. The padded Savvy-Grip "ears" make cracking coarse sea salt a simple one-hand operation. Set the grinding dial to one of five settings, from coarse to fine, and squeeze away--freshly ground salt makes a world of difference in taste. To refill the ball, which comes full of salt, use the stand that doubles as a funnel. The patented ceramic grinding mechanism won't corrode like metal does after long exposure to salt. Measuring 6 inches tall, the Salt Ball bunny hops to the task of seasoning either at the stove or at the table. --Ann Bieri

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