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A gourmet is a person who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink.


Roasting Peppers

Method 1
Warm a cast iron skillet to medium heat. Wash the peppers and remove stem if you desire. Cover the surface of the skillet with peppers. Let peppers cook for 10 to 15 and then turn them over. Continue this process until the pepper becomes discolored and the shiny texture becomes dull. Peppers may puff and even pop. Continue turning, watching that the pepper is evenly roasted.; Some charring of the skin may occur but this will peel off. When the peppers are evenly roasted and ready to be removed from the heat, place them in a plastic bag that should be kept closed. The peppers are hot and may melt the plastic, but generally a good size freezer bag will do. Let the peppers sit in the bag until cool. After the peppers have cooled, puncture the skins and tear off. It is okay if a little bit of the skin and some black charred flecks remain as this will add texture, color and flavor to your dish.

To store the peppers, place softened peppers in freezer bags. They have a freezer life of about 3 months.

Method 2
You can roast whole peppers* over a very hot wood or charcoal fire. Place peppers directly on the grill. If it's still flaming a bit, that's okay). Turn peppers frequently to allow the skins to blister and blacken. When the peppers are charred, remove them from the fire and place in a plastic bag. Allow some air to remain in the bag and loosely tie. The steam that will form in the bag will help to remove the skin. Let cool for about af minutes or until you can easily handle the peppers.

When peppers have cooled, remove them from the bag and use your hands to peel off the skins. Cut off the stem end and slice the peppers open. Remove the core and seeds and cut into strips.

* You can alternately quarter, core and seed larger peppers before roasting.


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