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A gourmet is a person who is knowledgeable in fine food and drink.

Spice Rack

Store spices in a stylish spice rack.

Kamenstein 12 Tin Magnetic Spice Rack

This innovative rack saves valuable counter space while making spices a colorful, attractive focal point for your kitchen. Magnetic canisters adhere to a steel panel that can hang on a wall, stand on a counter, or neatly store in a drawer. Clear lids let you see inside each canister at a glance--perfect for storing and organizing sewing room, craft, or workshop supplies, as well as seasonings. Stainless steel construction gives the entire rack a sleek, professional-kitchen look. The set includes 12 tins with convenient sift-and-pour lids, as well as 12 bags of frequently-used spices. --Mary Park

Kamenstein 16 Jar Filled Revolving Spice Rack

This revolving spice rack takes the challenge out of keeping herbs and spices organized. On the countertop or in a tall kitchen cabinet, it holds 16 clear glass jars prefilled with a variety of seasonings. Measuring 10-1/2 inches tall and made of natural wood, the rack maintains jars on their side, so it's easy to read the label printed on the cap. Each rack comes with a different set of common herbs and spices, such as basil, dill, and parsley, plus unique custom blends, such as pizza, Cajun, and fish seasonings. --Lynne Sampson

Kamenstein 6-Canister Magnetic-Strip Spice Rack

No description

Kamenstein 4121 21-Jar Filled Revolving Spice Rack

This handy spice carousel accommodates twenty-one jars, which arrive ready to use complete with spices and herbs. Spices include popular favorites such as basil, oregano, dill weed, while garlic salt, and mustard seed.

Attractive stainless steel with a handle on top for transport, the rack rotates on a Lazy Susan to display three sections, with seven clear glass jars apiece. On each section’s side, the rack offers an open side view, allowing chefs to locate desired ingredients by sight. Easy-to-read lettering on each jar top also assists in speedy content recognition. Jars are sealed for freshness and have plastic shaker tops for controlled spice dispensing. This item was made in China and weighs 10. --Jessica Reuling

What’s in the Box
Spice rack includes: whole allspice; mustard seed; marjoram; black pepper; basil; garlic salt; coriander; caraway seed; dill weed; Italian seasoning; poultry seasoning; thyme; rosemary; savory; oregano; parsley; bay leaves; crushed mint; celery salt; pizza seasonings.

Polder 5429-05 18-Bottle Spice Rack

Rather than fumbling through crowded drawers or cupboards for the cumin or cardamom for Madras curry, find spices in seconds with this convenient spice rack from Polder. The open rack allows chefs to identify and access desired herbs or spices quickly while keeping bottles secure and organized. Plus, the included bottles are ideal for storing homegrown dried herbs like dill and basil, or spices purchased from the bulk section of a grocer.

The rack contains three levels with six gentle curved slots on each in which all eighteen included bottles fit comfortably. The rack’s sleek chrome construction blends into country and modern kitchen décors alike. The spice jars feature matching chrome screw-on lids with clear glass bodies and come equipped with plastic shaker tops. Spices are not included. The rack measures 11-2/3 by 3-1/2 by 7-1/2 inches. Each bottle measures 1-3/4 by 3-3/4 inches. The whole unit weighs 6 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Kamenstein 9-Tin Magnetic Spice Rack with Easel Back

No description

Kamenstein Revolving Spice Rack with 16 Filled Jars

No description

Rösle Spice Rack/Double Rack

One of Rösle's Open Kitchen components for organizing a kitchen to provide professional convenience without countertop clutter, this spice rack accommodates 10 of Rösle's 2-inch-diameter spice jars or shakers on its two shelves. Like all Open Kitchen components and Rösle kitchen tools and utensils, the spice rack is made of 18/10 stainless steel for rustproof beauty and long-lasting durability. Its hooks slide onto one of Rösle's basic rails, which attach to a wall or hang beneath a cabinet, or the rack can be hung in a narrow space with two Rösle single attachment units. The rack has a mirror finish and is dishwasher-safe. It measures 13 inches wide, 9.25 inches high (including hooks), and 2.36 inches deep. All Rösle products are made in Germany and carry a lifetime warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

Kamenstein 16-Jar Stainless-Steel Spice Tower

No description

Pfaltzgraff Delicious Spice Rack

No description

Lipper The Arbor Collection Wrought Iron and Rosewood 8 Tube Spice Rack with Decorated Corks

No description

All-Clad Spice Caddy

No description

Kamenstein 5-Canister Magnetic-Strip Spice Rack

No description

Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Spice Rack

Keep spices in quick reach and add the simple and natural beauty of grained hardwood to the kitchen with this spice rack in Pfaltzgraff's extensive Naturewood collection of dinnerware, glassware and accessories. Measuring 14-1/4 inches tall, this revolving vertical rack securely holds sixteen tamperproof spice jars for easy access while cooking. Caps are labeled with popular spice names, and the jars have sifter tops for controlled pouring. Naturewood hardwood retains its natural beauty for decades if treated properly. Just wipe this FDA-approved finish clean with a mild soap and water, dry thoroughly, and rub occasionally with mineral oil.

The Naturewood collection of dinnerware, glassware and accessories is a study of botanical beauty that is rendered in a soft, natural color palette. A series of framed potted herbs are interspersed with detailed sketches of leaves on most Naturewood items. Delicate stripes and accents of garden elements decorate various accessories.

Six generations of family ownership and management have made The Pfaltzgraff Co. America's leading manufacturer and marketer of casual dinnerware and accessories for the home. Pfaltzgraff patterns are designed for years of service, and will stand up to the rigors of everyday dining. Pfaltzgraff offers more coordinating tabletop and giftware accessories than any other dinnerware manufacturer. And, whether it's a misplaced sugar bowl lid or a forgotten saltshaker, any single Pfaltzgraff item can be replaced without purchasing a whole new set. --Brian Olson

Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Wooden Spice Rack

Some cooks have a highly organized system for organizing their spices, but most could probably use a little help. Pfaltzgraff's Naturewood wooden spice rack looks like a little chest of drawers, evoking old-fashioned apothecary chests. Made from pale wood that's been stained and varnished in such a way as to give it a country antique look, this spice rack is painted with forest leaves and birdhouses. Among those are small inset squares with tiny paintings of potted lavender and chamomile plants in them. Though the spice rack is part of the Naturewood line, it would stand alone beautifully in any kitchen that is designed along country kitchen or kitchen garden themes.

Though the Naturewood spice rack is made for bottled or loose spices, it could also be used as a tiny catch-all for rubber bands, chip clips, matches, teabags, etc. This spice rack would make a lovely housewarming gift, whether by itself or filled with an assortment of spices. To clean, just wipe down with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a clean dish towel. The Pfaltzgraff Company has been in business in America for nearly two hundred years and is a trusted name in ceramics and patterned kitchenware. All Pfaltzgraff patterns are available for registry by the company. Pfaltzgraff's 5-year in-stock promise guarantees that basic pieces in any registered pattern will be available for five years after a pattern is discontinued (this applies only to patterns discontinued after 2002). --Garland Withers

Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet Spice Cupboard

Like a rustic dresser for your spices, the Pistoulet Spice Cupboard spice box from Pfaltzgraff features hand-rendered decoration and charming little ceramic drawers. The wooden frame is sturdy and stout, and each removable drawer provides space enough for a couple of small jars or herbs bought in bulk. Inspired by the art of Jana Kolpen, they feature hand-painted grass-green crosshatching, rose-colored blossoms, and sunflowers. If your spices are already in order, you can use the cupboard to store toothpicks, drink umbrellas, and birthday candles. No need to confine it to the kitchen, though--it also looks at home filled with hairpins or keepsakes on a vanity or desk. --Emily Bedard

Franciscan Apple Spice Rack

No description

Franciscan Desert Rose Spice Rack

No description

Kamenstein 16 Jar Filled Revolving Photo Frame Spice Rack

No description

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